About Walking Safaris

Bush Wonderers offers the first, and the original walking safari in this area of Africa, which we began developing with Uganda Wildlife Authority in 2019. The activities take place in well-researched locations with no or very little other tourism activity, so you are guaranteed your own private safari with top level guiding. Currently, these trips are offered in Murchison Falls National Park under our concession. Custom walking safaris in other destinations can be arranged per request.

Eco-Tourism Approach

We follow a simple but rigorous set of principles to make sure that our tourism activities benefit travelers, nature, and local communities. These were also informed by our long-term "hands on" working experience in with communities and in nature conservation.

√ Low-impact tourism

We operate visit pristine natural areas, and we minimize our impact with our lightweight and “leave no trace” tented camps. We travel only in small groups (max 6-8 people) and generally avoid areas with large congregations of vehicles in game parks.


√ Camp & Ecolodges

Our lightweight tented camps follows "leave no trace" policy, and our fully powered by solar energy. During longer safaris, we sleep in green and eco-friendly accommodation run by operators who engage positively withe local communities and participate in local conservation activities. This could mean showering in hot water powered by solar water heaters.

√ Local food & supplies

We enjoy local fresh food and depend primarily on local supplies. This means using fresh local tomatoes instead of imported tomato sauce for pasta!

√ Awareness & Education

We are your guides to make your trip memorable. We also hope that you will learn plenty about local socioeconomic and conservation issues. Conservation work has been our passion for two decades.

√ Empowering local communities

We visit local communities when suitable and beneficial in some areas and seek activities where they participate or provide useful service.

Jie Village in Northern Karamoja

√ Best Value, Transparent Pricing, and Fair Benefit Sharing

We customize our pricing to meet your expectations and needs and we assure you of great value and charging fair prices. Ecotourism also means that part of the money spent ends up in local economies, communities, and supporting conservation. We design our trips with this in mind, so most of your money makes a positive difference.

√ Carbon Neutral

We measure our carbon impact and our operations are fully offset. These funds support directly wildlife conservation on community land.

Our Story

The story of Bush Wonderers - and its parent Clutch Adventures company - started with Juraj's personal journey. Back in 2005, he embarked on his African adventure, arriving at the remote, beautiful and wild (Liuwa Plain - Zambia). Over the next two years, he worked in this magical place, including developing first tourism experiences in this park. Ever since, Juraj has crisscrossed Southern and Eastern Africa, combining work, travel, and exploration. His conservation efforts led him to remote wilderness areas, often challenging to access. Picture dusty, potholed roads or boat rides that stretched into darkness along rivers in distant regions. Throughout these years, he learnt a lot about the tourism industry in the region, and how it is closely intertwined with nature and communities. In 2019, we formally launched our guided safaris for adventurous and intrepid travelers from around the world. Our guiding principle remains unwavering: to reveal Africa’s authentic diversity and breathtaking beauty, ensuring your journeys become your fondest memories.

Questions? Let's Talk about your Adventure Trip

I’m Juraj, your Adventure Travel expert for Uganda and the broader East & Southern Africa. Over the past two decades, I’ve called both Uganda and Zambia home, dedicating my efforts to conservation and tourism. My explorations have taken me to many corners of this expansive and beautiful region. I seek new and and off-the-beaten-path destinations that captivate adventure enthusiasts. I’m passionate about revealing this corner of Africa in ways that defy the ordinary—a perspective that most people rarely encounter.

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