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​Get in touch with any queries or desires regarding your travel plans and trips. We are here to design a fantastic trip that meets your needs and preferences. Please, let us know below and we will respond shortly.


    1. Initial Contact & Trip Design - After initial contact, we discuss the details about your planned trip (e.g. preferred dates, group size, activity preferences, accommodation types). We want to make sure we design the trip you like!

    Detailed trip itinerary and pricing is confirmed by both parties.

    2. Payment - we first invoice you for a deposit of 50% of total price. The payment is processed via our Payment Page, and we accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfers.

    Receipt is issued to you.

    3. Private vs. Pooled Group Trips – if your trip is private (e.g. only your group), the balance payment is processed on the agreed date before your trip.

    If the trip is pooled with other travelers: your initial booking and deposit is provisional. We will contact you as soon as there are enough other travelers confirmed for the trip. At that point, we invoice you for the balance of your payment, issue the receipt and provide all trip details.

    4. Cancellations – Cancellations are possible yet you may be charged cancellation fees. Please see the terms and conditions policy at the bottom of this page for full details.


    Our trips have adventure at its core and as such require certain attitude to enjoy them. Below are a few pointers how to best approach our trips. No hard rules here but we would like to make sure nothing surprises you:

    • Endurance - Driving in Africa is different. Many roads, especially those to remote locations, are in various conditions. Some are truly bad, are under construction, wear out quickly, or change in conditions depending on time of the year. Our drivers are capable but be prepared for some stretched which may not be always pleasant!
    • Flexibility - Time is also somewhat relative here :-). We plan our itineraries carefully without taking any risks but one can expect some delays. For example, a ferry may be delayed or broken which means altering plans. Flexibility is important - and we will always get there. However, I have learnt that during any trip one encounters some unexpected events or surprises.
    • OpennessWe meet lots of local people during the trip. Be open to learn from them and share with them some stories. These are the moments that often make the trips memorable!
    • I will work on expanding this section continuously but mainly easy and fun define our spirit!

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    I’m Juraj, your Adventure Travel expert for Uganda and the broader East & Southern Africa. Over the past two decades, I’ve called both Uganda and Zambia home, dedicating my efforts to conservation and tourism. My explorations have taken me to many corners of this expansive and beautiful region. I seek new and and off-the-beaten-path destinations that captivate adventure enthusiasts. I’m passionate about revealing this corner of Africa in ways that defy the ordinary—a perspective that most people rarely encounter.

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