Lion-blessed Bday

Timing of our trip back in March was conspicuous as the last day/night of it happened to be my birthday. Never before had I been in the bush on my special day (not counting my years of living in Zambian bush…), so I was looking forward to a “special” experience.

Nyamsika ready for sundowner

We had explored the park on foot, boat, and car for three days, and my friend/visitors enjoyed getting to know Ugandan wild, coming all from Zambia/Malawi. Nyamsika Viewpoint is indeed a perfect place for sundowner any day, and on March 7th it was a perfect spot for celebration.

We were all having fun, talking, watching birds, few bushbucks around, or some buffaloes and elephants in far ends. Perhaps “something was missing”, so Shadreck had made a bold prediction “the Lion will appear within 15 min”. Time was aroung 6:30 pm, so he/she better hurry… I think we all somewhat forgot about this prediction within 5-10 min, when suddenly another crew member, Josh said “a Lion, see there is a Lion”. And here he was, a young male casually strolling into the riverbed for a drink, from the opposite side. We were too far high and the other side for him to be noticing and bothered; but we had a perfect view.

Josh Sibanda coming to drink

“Josh Sibanda” as we named him was a young male (about 2 yrs) and he was not in a hurry. He took some sips of water (presumably after an all day nap), walked casually up and down and then sat down and just chilled. Getting ready for the night?

I am grateful for “Josh Sibanda” and my friends to make my day so special.

Birthday Boys
Evening Views of buffaloes and elephants

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