Truly extraordinary, authentic & adventurous trips

We specialize in authentic trips where you can truly connect in nature and explore diverse landscapes. We take you ‘off-the-beaten-path’, exploring places on your own or with few other visitors. We offer exclusive ‘walking safari’ trips in Murchison Falls, which typically are part of most longer itineraries. All trips below can be fully customizable per your wishes and preferences and accommodate your travel schedule.

Walking Safaris: safaris in its purest form

Imagine wandering through the African bush on a walking safari, just you and nature. This is the oldest and most authentic form of safari, allowing you to truly connect with Africa's majestic wildlife. Other activities such as game drive or boat trips are combined in the experience.

Bush Getaway

Short with all activities
based in our flagship camp
4 days / 3 nights
from $1,150 pp to $1,500 pp

Savannah Wonders

Explore the wild in-depth and usually in two mobile camps
5days / 4 nights
from $1,420 pp to $1,850 pp

Untamed Roaming

Take your time experience more park areas and other custom experiences
6 days / 5 nights
from $1,570 pp to $2,020 pp

Custom Safaris & Trips

Our longer tailor-made trips for adventurous travellers like you, usually incorporate 3-4 day walking safari itinerary in Murchison Falls as part of the longer 7-14 day trip. We usually combine several regions to allow you to experience various nature habitats from breathtaking mountains, dramatic rifts, expansive forests, and captivating savannahs

Wildlife Trails & Wonders

Walking safaris + rhino and
chimp trekking
7 days / 6 nights
from $2,150 pp to $2,500 pp

Trails & Waters

Walking Safari + chimps & rhino trekking,
Crater Lakes exploaration
9 days / 8 nights
from $2,150 pp to $2,500 pp

Wilderness Quest

Crater Lakes + Walking Safari + Chimp
Trekking + Karamoja + Mt.Elgon
13 days / 12 nights
from $2,570 pp to $3,020

Nature’s Heaven

Crater Lakes + Walking Safari + Chimp
Trekking + Karamoja + Mt.Elgon
13 days / 12 nights
from $2,570 pp to $3,020

Summits & Savannahs

Rwenzori Mountains Trek + Walking Safari
+ Rhino & Chimpanzee Trekking
14 days / 13 nights
from $2,420 pp to $2,850 pp

Explore the Region

We know East & Southern Africa landscapes, cultures, and its hidden corners in and out and can organize for you any trip or longer expedition  you desire. These trips could range trekking & camping in the wilderness for a week or enjoying more luxury and comfort. We specialize in experiences and trips for active and adventurous travelers and can suggest from a long list of superb destinations in the region. Possibilities are numerous:


  • Uganda - at least dozen lesser known mountains in Eastern and Northern Uganda
  • Zambia - multi-day walking safaris in Zambia’s expansive savannah parks
  • Southern Tanzania - exploring Kitulo Plateau and its fantastic flora on a cool plateau 2,500 m asl (8,500 ft)

Ocean, Rivers and Lakes

  • Northern Mozambique - this region has a rich history and is home to fantastic beaches and a large island archipelago.
  • Uganda - Lake Victoria and other smaller lakes (e.g. Lake Nabugabo) are great destinations for birdwatchers and fishermen
  • Zambia - enjoy the weekend on the houseboat in Lake Kariba or superb fishing on Kafue and Zambezi Rivers

Birdwatching - all countries are excellent, especially Uganda with its diverse habitats. Easy to see Shoebill Storks in Mabamba Swamp near Kampala.

Questions? Let's Talk about your Adventure Trip

I’m Juraj, your Adventure Travel expert for Uganda and the broader East & Southern Africa. Over the past two decades, I’ve called both Uganda and Zambia home, dedicating my efforts to conservation and tourism. My explorations have taken me to many corners of this expansive and beautiful region. I seek new and and off-the-beaten-path destinations that captivate adventure enthusiasts. I’m passionate about revealing this corner of Africa in ways that defy the ordinary—a perspective that most people rarely encounter.

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