3-5 nights
Walking/Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Birdwatching, Boat Ride, Game Drive
Tented Safari Camp
Road or air transfer to/from Murchison Falls

$1,500 to $2,300 depending on trip length, activities, and group size


Walking trips were the very first and most pure form of the safari.  In fact, there is no better way to experience the “African bush” than on foot, engaging all of your senses: the whisper of the grass, the smells of the soil, the sights of animals—no exhaust fumes, engine noise, nor the fishbowl of a truck. Walking the land offers a “back to basics” experience where you can explore the natural environment in its entirety. Unlike a safari in a truck, walking safaris are active, adventurous, and give you the freedom to explore areas unreachable by car. Our mobile walking safaris usually last 2-4 days. Typically, we walk about 3-5 hours every day: this is no marathon but instead a leisurely exploration in which you immerse your senses in nature, hiking with a knowledgeable guide who can spot and teach you the specifics of the environment.
The primary activity of our mobile walking safari is a morning walk, which lasts about 3-4 hours, during the ideal morning hours. A maximum of eights guests are led by a professional walking guide and an armed UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) ranger. Don’t worry that you will have to choose between a walking safari and the other attractions that Murchison offers! We also customize your trip to make sure you have the full safari experience. Typically, each safari includes complimentary activities after the walk: afternoon game drives, morning boat trips to the famous Murchison Falls, and The Top Of The Falls visit.
During the walk, you can expect to see a variety of wildlife (kobs, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hartebeest, hyenas). We also pay close attention to other parts of wildlife habitat, which cannot be observed from vehicles. You will learn about (and touch, smell, observe and hear) a variety of plants, trees, birdlife, reptiles, and insects. In some areas, we will track animals by their footprints and droppings.
We follow pre-determined routes, but there are no trails—it is truly a wilderness experience. If we do happen upon a trail, be sure that it was carved by animals, not man. When walking, we become part of the landscape ourselves. This means animals perceive us humans differently than they do when we are in a vehicle—exposed, we have to treat them with more care. When you are on foot and realize the massive size of an elephant in comparison to yourself, you will understand why it’s best to avoid getting too close. The objective is to exist in the same habitat as the animals, but that means treating them with a healthy respect: Murchison is the true wild; it is no zoo.

Trailblazer of walking safaris in Uganda

Clutch Adventures was the first operation to ever offer mobile walking safaris in Uganda. We are the first, and the original walking safari in this area of Africa. We have worked diligently with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to make this unique product available to visitors in Murchison Falls National Park.

Our custom immersive tours offer top-level guiding in beautiful, well-researched locations.We tailor our walking safari routes every time we go out to take into account weather, terrain conditions and your preferences. We want to make sure that these walks are absolutely one of the best and most memorable experiences on your trip.


Bush Getaway

Short with all activities
based in our flagship camp
4 days / 3 nights
$1,500 pp

Savannah Wonders

Explore the wild in-depth and usually in two mobile camps
5 days / 4 nights
$1,850 pp

Untamed Roaming

Take your time experience more park areas and other custom experiences
6 days / 5 nights
$2,050 pp


Safari Tent

Twin walk-in Gemsbok Bow tents with comfortable mattress, solar lights, outdoor furniture. Spacious tents accommodate 2 people (3 m x 3m x 2.2 m) on a comfortable 4- inch thick mattress and cotton bedding. All are equipped with handy furniture (chairs, luggage rack), gazebos, and accessories (solar lights, mirror and hand wash basin) is available for your comfort.


Bucket showers with warm water (warmed in the camp) and portable long drop toilet are set up near the tents and leave no trace after departure.

Electricity / Power / Communications

We use solar lighting and kerosene lamps for lighting, but please expect to be away from electronic devices for a few days. Murchison is a true wilderness: there is no WiFi in the camp and only poor or intermittent telephone reception.

Meals & Drinks

Our meals are all freshly prepared on site by a staff professional cook in the mobile camp, using locally-sourced high-quality ingredients. All meals are eaten in the fresh air. We are happy to prepare vegetarian menus and can accommodate many dietary requests. Some special meals may be catered from Bwana Tembo Safari Lodge. Please provide us prior notice of any allergies or diets, so we can be sure to have the proper ingredients on hand. The camp includes a bar with basic drinks, chilled wine, and icy-cold beer. Filtered drinking water is always provided free of charge.

Educational Materials

This walking safari is designed to be an education in and of themselves. However, to supplement your learning, we have a selection of books and other materials available for you to peruse.


The camps are operated by a dedicated well-trained team of people who strive to provide quality service. The team typically comprises: Head Guide, Ranger (armed), Cook, Driver, Camp Assistant.

All pics and videos on this site have been taken by our team during our walks and tours of Murchison Falls.


Walking safaris in Murchison Falls have been developed over the past year in close cooperation with the Uganda Wildlife Authority staff. Our routes have been selected to ensure accessibility and natural beauty year-round. Every walk is led by an experienced guide and is accompanied by an armed UWA ranger in charge of security. Guests can put their minds at ease, assured that the highest levels of safety are maintained. We prefer our guests to focus on the beauty of the walk, assured of their safety. Therefore, we are clear in our explanations of all our procedures and precautions.

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