Wildlife Remnants & Elephant Tusks

When walking in the bush, we see and learn about the “small things” in nature: every small flower, footprint, cobweb, beetle; not to forget sounds and smells. During our walks, finding remnants of dead animals is not a rarity – in fact almost every walk presents us with something new and exciting. The walk through the same area is never same.

On our latest walk, we came cross (for the first time) the small elephant tusk. This happened again in the dry sandy Nyamsika Riverbed, where it is easy to see footprints and any remains.

Learning about the elephant tusk

Over the past several years we have found for example a  freshly killed hartebeest by lions, indicated by nearby footprints, half dry hippo carcass, lots of bones and skins chewed on by hyenas, , exceptionally large warthog/pumba skull with giant tusks, unfortunately even cases of snared animals (giraffe, buffalo) – rather shocking as it was deep inside the park but another reminder of poaching issues. Enjoy the gallery with these interesting finds.