Western Tanzania is dominated by Lake Tanganyika surrounded by landscapes such as mountainous parks, waterfalls, as well as vast seasonal dry plains with abundant wildlife. This remote region indeed is "the heart of the Albertine Rift". A road trip to this less visited and vast region offers you an unparalleled opportunity to soak in its powerful natural wonders and diverse cultures.

Western Tanzania

Kalambo Falls

Northern Zambia/Southwestern Tanzania

Kalambo Falls are one of the tallest single-drop waterfalls in Africa, and certainly the most spectacular waterfalls I ever visited, located in a dramatic rift landscape covered in miombo woodlands. The splendid creation is a result of the rift dropping to nearby Lake Tanganyika. It is an adventure to get to this area but one can explore this area from two countries (Zambia, Tanzania) without even crossing through the official border post.

Activities: Hiking / Trekking, Water Sports (on nearby Lake Tanganyika), Natural Attraction, Birdwatching

Recommended Stay: 1 day. 3 days with additional activities on Lake Tanganyika

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Katavi National Park

Southwestern Tanzania

Definitely one of my top three wildlife safari destinations in Africa. The density and diversity of animals is superb, the floodplains and the surrounding hills make for fabulous scenery, and the river is the park’s lifeline. During my visits here (both in the late dry and peak rainy seasons), we have not encountered any other visitors, only lots of giraffes, buffaloes, elephants and many other animals.

Activities: Wildlife Viewing, Natural Attractions, Bird Watching, Camping

Recommended Stay: 2 to 4 days


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Hippo Lake Western Tanzania
Leader of the Chimpanzee Group in Mahale

Mahale National Park

Western Tanzania

What is the most beautiful wilderness of all our destinations? I love all of them but Mahale is hard to beat, it is simply stunning and the visit there is powerful. Trekking to see chimps in Mahale is unlike in many other locales – it is simply more adventurous and fun then anywhere else I seen - mainly due to challenging terrain. However, nothing can beat the afternoon beach, snorkeling, and swimming to relax.

Activities: hiking/trekking, chimpanzee trekking, water sports, swimming, birdwatching, kayaking 

Recommended Stay: 4-6 days


Lake Tanganyika

Western Tanzania, Northern Zambia

Lake Tanganyika is amongst the most spectacular water bodies in Africa and globally, estimated to be the longest and 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world and the 2nd deepest. There are actually only a handful of points to access this Lake as it is remote. We explore the Lake from four distinct points during our journeys – Kigoma, Kipili, Mahale, and  Northern Zambia. The preferred location to enjoy all water sports is the small fishing village Kipili.

Activities: Water Sports (kayaking, diving, water skiing)

Recommended Length of Stay: Kipili 2-5 days, Kigoma 1-2 days, Mahale 3-5 days, Northern Zambia 3-5 days.


Early Morning fishing in Lake Tanganyika
Waterfall Western Tanzania

Sights of the Road

Western Tanzania can be best appreciated when criss-crossing the region from north to south by road. The above sites are indeed the region's "crown jewels" but you have an opportunity to see many other attractions along the road: vast forests, waterfalls and the regions many towns, villages and its diverse cultures. 


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